The Rise of Athleisure

February 14, 2018

The Rise of Athleisure

We’re no stranger to the term Athleisure. It’s a trend that has been creeping its way up to the top for the last few years, but 2018 finally marks the year of the athleisure movement. It’s set to be everywhere you go, no more do we have to excuse ourselves for wearing yoga leggings and sweatpants 24/7. In the age of wellness and mindfulness, it doesn’t come as a surprise that activewear has become an accepted social norm for almost all occasions. The beauty of athleisure is that not only is it practical and functional, it’s also the most comfortable way to be on trend.  

But, what are the rules? We take a look in to the rising trend and tell you how best to wear it.

  1. Find the balance between function and fashion
  • Invest in multi-purpose items. Performance leggings can look great paired with sandals, a denim jacket and a messy bun, but will also serve you well if you do decide to hit the gym. The great thing about the merging of athletic wear and everyday wear is that you can buy items with both working out and day-to-day life in mind.

    1. Choose appropriate ways to accessorise

    It can be really simple to take your look from gym-appropriate to street-appropriate. Wear trainers with a mini-dress, pair heels with sweatpants, throw on a pair of big sunglasses, carry a sports bag instead of a briefcase. It can take just one item to achieve a relaxed, yet chic look.

    1. Make sure you dress for the event

    This look is really fun and versatile, but there are some boundaries. The way you can experiment with athleisure will depend on the occasion. You wouldn’t turn up to a restaurant in short shorts with a sweat doused brow. However, couple some patterned leggings with a long-line jacket and you’re good to go.

    1. Ease yourself in

    If you’re not sure how this trend will work for you, start small, you don’t need to be investing in vibrant coloured leggings and mesh crop tops just yet. Wearing neutral tones, black leggings and an oversized grey jumper is a great casual look and easy to achieve.


    1. Have fun with it

    Don’t worry too much that you aren’t going to pull it off. This trend is so diverse, you can experiment with different styles and see what works for you. It’s a fun way to feel fabulous whilst also feeling comfortable and ready for whatever the day ahead throws at you.

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