Our Top 10 Men’s Fashion Icons of All Time

November 02, 2017

Our Top 10 Men’s Fashion Icons of All Time

Dead or alive, these are our top picks for the pivotal trendsetters of their time period in the world of fashion. From movie stars to footballers, we’ve considered some of the best dressed men from decades gone-by to 2017, accounting for their impact on the industry and their iconic style in and of itself. Let’s not wait any longer - here’s our picks for the top 10 men’s fashion icons of all time:

John Lennon

The Beatles were highly impactful on the world of fashion during their time, but John Lennon’s experimentation with colours, patterns and loud combinations will forever be remembered. Sweeping the world at large with more than his lyrics, vocals and instrumentals, John Lennon’s personal style was as eclectic as his art.

David Beckham

Whilst we all regret our fashion choices in the 90s, regrettably or not, all eyes were on David Beckham. Even now as his children try to out shine him, all eyes are still on Beckham today. Whether Victoria has had any influence on his style or not, this footballer is certainly one to watch for style inspiration.

James Dean

Known for his rugged good looks and rough around the edges style, James Dean popularised a classic look for men that’s stood the test of time - a crisp white t-shirt and jeans never looked so good. You can even see Dean’s style living through the fashion choices of Beckham’s eldest son today.

Ryan Gosling

You can’t escape Ryan Gosling - from the cereal meme to La La Land. And we’ll never forget The Notebook… Ryan Gosling may be talented on screen, but he has a star-worthy fashion sense as well as making us want to raid his closet and pick his brain on how he makes casual wear look so sophisticated.

Cary Grant

This silver screen icon was inescapable during his time! Cary Grant’s more traditional style may be attributed to the decade, but his classic suits and dapper attire would be envied in today’s fashion - classic and elegant. We may be biased as we love a classic look, but there’s no arguing about whether or not Grant should be on this list.

Pharrell Williams

We know, the hat! But come on, you have to admit he pulled it off. Only for the most adventurous, Pharrell’s style is anything but classic. Experimentation is certainly key to his stylish wardrobe, but even more importantly, Pharrell, like those before him, demonstrates that confidence is the key to selling any outspoken fashion choice.

Elvis Presley

He was the king! How could he not be on this list? Mr. Presley was known for his moves, his iconic stage uniform, and of course his fashion sense. We don’t recommend you start your own catchphrase, but borrowing some inspiration from Elvis’s toned-down personal style would be highly advised.

Johnny Depp

Dark and mysterious is nothing new, but Johnny Depp has taken things to the next level as we’ve watched him grow into a handsome man from his rebellious days of the past. Depp has taught us all that the bad boy look doesn’t have to be hung up past your twenties. And, more importantly, don’t forget to accessorise!

George Clooney

George Clooney has been in the spotlight for decades from his days as Doug Ross on ER to playing Danny in the Ocean’s films, his classically cool style embodies his personality perfectly. Take a clue from Clooney and let your personality show through your wardrobe for an effortless ensemble that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in.

Jimi Hendrix

In an age of sex, drugs and rock and roll, Jimi Hendrix made a name for himself musically and within the realm of fashion. Our list wouldn’t be complete without this icon’s flashy and colourful outfits. Hendrix has certainly taught us a thing or two about perfecting the art of layering as well.

Have we missed someone out who you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know what you think and send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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