The History of Fashion Week: All the Styles from 1943 to Today

September 07, 2017

The History of Fashion Week: All the Styles from 1943 to Today

New York, Paris, London and Milan! Fashion Week has been around for decades with the first formally arranged fashion week being held in New York City in 1943. Eleanor Lambert launched the first ‘Press Week’ or ‘Fashion Press Week’ during World War II to boost American fashion whilst Paris was occupied and designers couldn’t visit the French capital for design inspiration. Since the formal organisation of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks, they have become known worldwide and are highly regarded for their trendsetting nature.

As we enjoy 74 years of Fashion Week, we take a quick peek at the designs and styles from the first show to the most recent catwalks in 2017:

The 1940s

First New York Fashion Show 1943

First New York Fashion Week 1943.

The 1950s

Christian Dior 1958 Christian Dior 1955 Hermes 1952

Christian Dior 1958.  Christian Dior 1955.  Hermes 1952.

The 1960s

Anne Fogarty 1964 Donald Brooks for Townley 1964 Samuel Winston by Roxanne 1962

Anne Fogarty 1964.  Donald Brooks for Townley 1964.  Samuel Winston by Roxanne 1962.

The 1970s

New York Fashion Week 1972

New York Fashion Week 1972.

The 1980s

Marc Jacobs AW 1986 Yves Saint Laurent SS 1988 Carolina Herrera 1981

Marc Jacobs AW 1986.  Yves Saint Laurent SS 1988.  Carolina Herrera 1981.

The 1990s

Prada SS 1996 Raf Simons SS 1999 Prada SS 1992

Prada SS 1996.  Raf Simons SS 1999.  Prada SS 1992.

The 2000s

Dolce and Gabbana AW 2008 Dior Homme SS 2005 Alexander McQueen SS 2007

Dolce and Gabbana AW 2008.  Dior Homme SS 2005.  Alexander McQueen SS 2007.

The 2010s

Celine AW 2014 Oscar de la Renta SS 2018 Wales Bonner AW 2017

Celine AW 2014.  Oscar de la Renta SS 2018.  Wales Bonner AW 2017.

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