Harcourt London Watches was created as a tribute to the late father of Jack Clarke, a sports agent and ex-racing driver, with his half brother Daniel Bailey, a sports agent, and their friend Matt Spelman, a City trader.

“My father used to wear a thin case, leather strap watch with a wide face. I remember him saying the style is “timeless”, that the style would come back in trend and everyone would wear them.” - Jack Clarke

The trio wanted to bring to life a contemporary yet classic timepiece, with a homegrown spirit - designing a range of luxurious-looking watches, they initially financed the first prototype from their own pockets plus investment from family and friends.

With the help of family and friends, all the Harcourt London watches are named after places and people that have a personal connection to the founders - from a family holiday location to the street two of the founders lived on together. Even the company name, “Harcourt”, is derived from Jack’s father's middle name which is an old family name passed down through generations.


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